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Oeufs Truite

Leader in the world of selection


 Selection genetique

 20 years in Research and Development, innovation and know how :

  • For more than 20 years we select the strain « Aqualande Origins » in the Groupe Aqualande.


 Aqualande _origins


  • The selection center in Pissos located in the middle of the « National Parc of the Hautes Landes » develops our lines of a High Tech specific selection Prosper+ optimized by a genealogic indexation.

The work is done in partnership with Sysaaf and Inra.


8 generations are selected on Prosper+ in optimized massal

GenotypageLot 3A Sup Moy 4,10,9,2,8,12Lot 3B Sup Sup 3,11,6,7,9,2Lot 4A Sup Moy 1,5,6,7,3,11


  • Parental assignation by genotypage ;
    Index _genealogique 
  • Genealogic indexation ;
    Variabilite _genealogique 
  • Control of variability ;
  • Control of maternal and social effects ;
  • Cryoconservation of the gametes.


Technologie -selection

Our selection criteria and our performances :
Control of rapid growth: due to a high selection pressure on this parameter our trout perform a strong potential of growth which is worldwide recognized
12 months from the egg stage to 2,3kg at 4500°C/J

Graphique _selection

Improvement of feed conversion index :
We obtain a feed conversion index below 1,2 in conventional farming from hatching to the weight of 3kg


Selection _repro1


Control of stress resistance : Our breeders are challenged in breeding conditions on the river with validation of their behavioural skills in extreme environment


Selection repro


Control of technological yield: we analyse the morph type of every parent and perform ultra sound measurements in order to determine the yield after gutting and filleting. These analyses are done at special processing lines in our processing centres.
Yield after gutting: > 86% - after filleting > 61%

Rendement techno


Control of intramuscular fat content: we select our breeders according to their
aptitude to maintain a stable level of intramuscular fat.


Leader of production and sales of embryonated eggs of rainbow trout

With almost 500 million embryonated eggs sold every year, the strain « Aqualande Origins » is the most widespread in the world

Graphique _vente _aqualande

Five centres of multiplication located in France and Spain insure les production of embryonated eggs


 Organisation -production -oeufs

Availability all year round:

Our strain with natural breeding in autumn is extended by photo-period and gives availability and production all year round


Production _oeufs1  Production _oeufs2


We propose standard all-female eggs, sterile female eggs and organic rainbow trout

We also sell eggs for Brown Trout and Char


Production _oeufs3  Production _oeufs4

Specialists in export:

We export 70% of our production of eggs in a perfectly controlled logistic schedule even over long distances: Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Iran, Morocco


Production _oeufs5  Production _oeufs6

Production _oeufs7  Production _oeufs8