Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture

Transfer of technology : An expertise for export

After more than thirty years of development, R & D and innovation, our companies have acquired know-how and recognized technology.

An expertise for export

Our  R & Dexperimentsled us to  work on the  biology and reproduction  of various species  such  as grouper,  red drum, bream  and red scorpion fish

These studies  have allowed us to  develop a  unique expertise :


  • The control of the production of phytoplankton and zooplankton
  • The control of reproduction of marine fish
  • Rearing of fingerlings
  • Nursery techniques
  • The technology of closed circuit
  • Packaging and transport of fingerlings

20 years of expertise in the production of phytoplankton and plankton

20 ans expertise

Transfert our technologies through the worldwide

This expertise allows us  to offer  investors and partners  the benefits  of technology transfer  and assembly  of  complete  aquaculture projects  (research  sites, studies, engineering, training, production assistance  and  management)

Some achievements : 

  • In Norway: development of a cod hatchery
  • In Indonesia: reproduction and larval rearing of groupers and Asian bass
  • In Tunisia : hatchery for bass and sea bream
  • In Egypt: hatchery for bass and sea bream
  • In the Persian Gulf: hatcheries projects for bass, sea bream, grouper and cobia

Transfert technologie