Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture

Trout, Aqualande’s leading product


The processing of smoked trout

Quick processing in order to guarantee freshness and quality. Trout are transported alive from each farm to Sarbazan, where the processing plant for smoked trout is located.


Transformation de la truite 



Camion Livraison AQUALANDE





Processing of trout roe

The production of trout roe is seasonal. It is running every year from October to January.  Female trout are put to sleep in the ponds at the farms. They are carefully handled and each trout are brought to spawn in order to collect the roe (each trout will spawn approx 10% roe of its weight). The eggs are collected in pails and brought immediately to the processing plant in Roquefort.

Once arrived to Roquefort the roe is washed and cleaned. Curing is done with dry salt, 3%, no additives are used. The roe is filled into jars of different sizes according to customers' demands and pasteurised for a shelf life of several months.

What is perfect trout roe?  The shell must be a little crispy but not too hard, the roe must be dry without liquid, lightly salty with a delicious and surprising taste.


Fresh trout, whole and gutted, fillets and fillet portion cuts

Our products have an exceptional freshness. The fish is harvested in the morning and immediately processed in our plant in Roquefort. Immediately after processing (gutting and filleting) they are packed either in MAP trays or in regular polystyrene boxes with ice for sales at the seafood counters.


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