Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture

Fish Farming

More than a job, aquaculture is a passion for all farmers of the Group Aqualande. If our goal is to optimize the performance and                                     develop innovative new technologies to obtain high quality products, we never forget that this is only                         possible by being responsible.


Innovative aquaculture in harmony with the natural environment

For over 35 years, we combine our passion for aquaculture with modernity, tradition and sustainable development. We have developed a structure in the South-West of France with 32 farms fully integrated in their environment in the forest of Les Landes, Pyrenees, Languedoc and La Rioja (Spain), and 4 centers for selection and reproduction. With 10.000 tons of trout and 350 tons of seabass produced per year, we are leader of aquaculture in France.

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Preserve the rivers ...

We always had at heart to respect nature which offers us an invaluable resource to our farming activity: water. True guards of the rivers, fish farmers of the Group are committed to ensuring the quality of river water they use:

  • membership of GDSAA (Group for Aquitaine Aquaculture Heath Defense) monitoring tools at the service of fish farmers to protect the aquatic environment and the health of the fish ;
  • achieving a IBGN on each site (Biotic Index global standard) ;
  • completion of two analyzes of water samples 24hrs a regular basis ;
  • participation in SAGE (Land use planning and water management).

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And oceans ...

Preserve the oceans is also important for the fish farmers of Aqualande Group. In order to avoid exhausting wild fish stocks, we have found concrete solutions including consistent R & D work; thus we are able to reduce below 25% the use of wild fish from fishing in our fish farming.

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A certified environmental commitment

To ensure our commitment to a sustainable development approach, we joined the diagnosis 3 D. It identifies and evaluates the practices of our work on 8 criteria: Governance, Market and Customers, Safety and Health at Work, Environment, Economy, Social, Sociability, quality system and products.

We are the only aquaculture company that has been the evaluated AFAQ 26000 successfully and with very flattering results: Maturity Level 3.


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Evaluation ISO 26000
maturity level since
November 2011

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Welfare of men also requires welfare of fish

Each fish farmer has a plan of action for health management with a guide to good husbandry practices, vaccination programs and ongoing concern for the well-being of the fish. Engaged in a policy of eliminating antibiotics, we have reduced their use by four in ten years. Today, we have the lowest rate of antibiotic use in all livestock sectors.

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Man in the heart of our activity

Grouped together in cooperative Les Aquaculteurs Landais, the farmers put man at the center of all projects based on the values ​​of solidarity, trust, responsibility and excellence in our profession. In order to move forward together, each of our members of the cooperative is sharing his experience and knowledge with other farmers.

It is by our mutual efforts that we have managed to master the entire production cycle, from selection of brood stock through egg laying, fertilization, nursery and rearing of juveniles, fingerlings and growing up to all marketable sizes  with particular attention given to each stage and each specimen.

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All our farms dedicated to raising trout 

Pisciculture de Sorgues 12540 COURNUS
Pisciculture des Ores 16600 TOUVRES
Pisciculture les Sources de la Seranne     30440 ST-LAURENT-DU-MINIER
Pisciculture de Perrouta   33430 BERNOS-BEAULAC
Pisciculture les Viviers De La Hountine   33830 BELIN-BELIET
Pisciculture Moulin du Caouley   33840 LERM-ET-MUSSET
Pisciculture de Saint-Martin   40090 ST-MARTIN-D'ONEY
Pisciculture du Ginx   40120 ARUE
Pisciculture de la Ponte   40120 CACHEN
Pisciculture de Cardine   40120 RETJONS
Pisciculture de Mailleres   40120 MAILLERES
Pisciculture de Chicoy   40120 ST-GOR
Pisciculture des Anious   40140 MAGESCQ
Pisciculture de Chiouleben 40140 MAGESCQ
Pisciculture de Lévignacq 40170 LEVIGNACQ
Pisciculture de Mézos 40170 MEZOS
Piscicilture de Saint-Julien 40170 SAINT-JULIEN-EN-BORN
Pisciculture de Couailles   40210 ESCOURCE
Pisciculture d'Escource 40210 ESCOURCE
Pisciculture de Vielle Soubiran   40240 VIELLE SOUBIRAN
Pisciculture de Lageste 40260 CASTETS
Pisciculture d'Arx   40310 ARX
Pisciculture de Callen   40430 CALLEN
Pisciculture Aquaquitaine   40430 SORE
Pisciculture de Laluque   40465 LALUQUE
Pisciculture d'Esterenguibel   64220 ESTERENÇUBY
Pisciculture des Aldudes   64430 ALDUDES
Pisciculture les Truites Du Beez   64800 BRUGES
Pisciculture la Truite Du Gave   65270 SOULOM
Pisciculture de Lau Balagnas   65400 LAU BALAGNAS
Pisciculture Trucha Real   26240 CASTAÑARES-DE-RIOJA ESPAGNE



Centres for selection and reproduction of trout

Pisciculture de Pissos 40410 PISSOS
Pisciculture les Sources de l'avance 47700  CASTELJALOUX



 Marine farms

Pisciculture d'Extramer  66600 SALSES-LE-CHATEAU
Pisciculture LPDS Salses 66600 SALSES-LE-CHATEAU
Pisciculture LPDS Frontignan 34110 FRONTIGNAN
Vendee Aquaculture   85460 LA FAUTE SUR MER
Qeshm - Iran    



Marines hatcheries

Ecloserie FMD   17840 LA-BREE-LES-BAINS (Ile d'Oleron)
Ecloserie LPDS   34540 BALARUC-LES-BAINS (Sète)