Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture

Our Cooperative Group Aqualande

          Our company is located in the Southwest of France with a strong attachment to this region. Aqualande has become a European leader in aquaculture. Build on the expertise of its people, grateful for the rich values provided by nature and aware of customer expectations, Aqualande has been able to develop harmoniously in all activities of the aquaculture industry.


Aqualande has three main activities known for their excellence :

Pole for sélection and reproduction including :

Séléction Génétique


  • for trout : four breeding centers and hatcheries in Aquitaine and a partnership with two breeding centers in Spain for a total production of 450 million embryo trout eggs (leading producer in the world) with sales all over the world.
  • for marine fish (sea bass, sea bream, corbina): two marine hatcheries on the Ile d'Oleron and Sète, and five pre-growing sites : 1 in the Vendee, 3 in Languedoc- Roussillon, 1 on the Island of Qeshm in Iran, producing in total 80 million fingerlings.

The expertise of a selected team in research, development and quality of the sales work is widely recognized in the aquaculture industry.


Pole trout farms, grouped in "Cooperative Farmers in Landes"including :

  • Pole Elevage32 farms spread over the forest of Aquitaine and the Pyrenees, Les Charentes, Le Languedoc and Rioja (in Spain)
  • 10 000 tons of trout produced annually including more than 8,200 tons of large trout (≥ 3 kg).

This activity represents the heart of our business, carried out by 15 members of the Cooperative. Their commitment to constant improvements, innovation and respect for the environment bears the sign of a responsible and sustainable aquaculture.


Pole Trout processing, with plants in Sarbazan and Roquefort in the Landes, including :

  • Truite Fumée Pyrénées a site specialized in processing for the fresh and frozen fish markets.
  • a site highly specialized in the production of cold smoked trout.

Smoked Trout is the flagship of Aqualande. With a production of about 3,300 tons per year, Aqualande is leader on the French market. OVIVE brand is valued by its packaging assets of the company: the attachment to the region, the quality of the product and social responsibility.



Thus, our Aqualande Cooperative Group has developed an integrated aquaculture industry and is the largest in the sector in France, with a staff of 700 people in its three activities.

Historically, our company carries the same requirements :

  • strong commitments from the beginning to the end, environmental and social responsibility and product quality,
  • certification by independent third parties to validate our approach,
  • transparency and information towards our partners and our consumers.

Our commitments are our values!