Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture

Protect the environment : our priority

In all fields we apply technical solutions and measures to protect our environment.













  • Logo AFAQ ISOCertification ISO 14 001 (2004) of our production plant for smoked trout in Sarbazan



This approach was conducted by AFAC AFNOR Certification, the leading French certification agency and also one of the leaders of certification in the world.

It ensuresprocess control and efficiency of the environmental management system that we have developed. We have been highly motivated in this approach - and our mobilization remains intact, because respect for environment is a daily challenge! Terms of excellence and environmental performance have taken shape through this collective work which has led our team to the certification.

Our certificate can be found on the website of the AFNOR : http://www.afaq.org/certification=368561271140


  • Prevention of pollution
  • Setting upa pool of macrophyte plants for the treatment rainwater from the parking and the roads



  • Monitoring and optimizing our consumption of energy and water



  • Setting upmetering to optimize water consumption and electricity

  • Using cold compressors with variable speed in order to limit energy consumption

  • Heat recovery compressor for heating of cold water for cleaning facilities
  • Sorting and recycling of waste

Image RecycledKg DIB Par Tonne Truite Fume ́e _EN

  • Responsible and sustainable policy in purchasing

In 2011 the Aqualande Group chose to participate in a national experiment for environmental labeling in order to enhance to consumers all actions which have been taken by the company in the field of environment protection.

The information in this study provides from the nationwide database as well as our internal analyses: analysis of the life cycle on the fish farms and technical data from our processing plant.


Bilan CO2 sur 100 g de truite fumée OVIVE consommée 

Tableau recyclage

Tableau CO2 En

Pastille CO2 This indicator shows the potential of global warming resulting from greenhouse gas emissions. The potential effects of emissions are quantified over a period of 100 years. The contributions of different gases are summed to obtain the total potential induced warming over the entire life cycle.
Pastille eau This indicator intends to quantify all the water needed throughout the life cycle. Water is not equally available throughout the world, the water consumption is measured by the coefficient of water scarcity in France.
The result is expressed in liters of water consumption equivalent to the quantity supposed for the use for human beings.
Pastille terre Empirical observations show that the various types of natural space used for processing activity (plant, fields, storage room) result in different levels of damage to biodiversity. This indicator indicates the damages to biodiversity equivalent to what a man would course replacing an area of ​​virgin forest in the park for a year.


You'll find all this information on our products LANDVIKA 150g and OVIVE.


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