Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture


Founded in 1981 by a few pioneers willing to participate in a project to revitalize the Landes forest, our company AQUALANDE has                become European leader in aquaculture for trout, selection in freshwater and marine aquaculture as well                 as production of smoked trout.


This success has been built through the establishment of a specific business model, combining in a balanced way the force of an agricultural cooperation with a system of limited liability companies.

Our farmers are members of the "Cooperative des Aquaculteurs Landais" which counts 30 fish farms. The role of the cooperative was organized with its members in order to do aquaculture activities combining environmental and economic performance, everything with total solidarity among the members.

These members are committed  to:

- Develop human and family based aquaculture with roots in its land and in perfect harmony with its environment,

- Preserve water quality and aquatic environments which makes the values of our farms,

- Ensure the economic performance of their tools and their sustainability through a policy of continuous investment in new production systems and through a mutual control system,

- Develop the values ​​of solidarity and responsibility putting men and women in the center of our projects.

Thus, our policy targets cooperative sustainable and responsible aquaculture with strong corporate and social connotations.

This was reinforced by the creation of limited liability company and the arrival of partners from outside, who provided further financial means in order to:

- Create maximum value at the processing of our products and adapting them to the quality requirements of consumers,

- Create a range of quality products carrying signs to remind the origin of the land.

- Innovation in research programs in selection in aquaculture to improve animal performance in our farms,

- Diversify our activities to fry production of marine species to spread our business and financial risks.

In a balanced and complementary way our company has seen a very strong development mobilizing all these energies. The continuation of such dynamic evolution ensures the sustainability of our activities and allows us today to describe our products by this promise :

"Good for Nature", "Good for Health", "Good for You".