Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture

Aqualande marée, freshness guaranteed

In fish market or in self-service, find out our freshly caught fishes. Transported alive to our processing workshop, we guarantee extremely fresh quality products. 


Rainbow Trout

Our  RAINBOW  TROUT(Oncorhynchus mykiss) are farmed inrespect  of the quality specifications of  "AQUACULTURE DE NOTRE REGION."
These quality specifications manage and control 
every stage of  the life of the  trout, from birth until  the finished processed product.


Trout  can be eaten and cooked in various ways : Raw  marinated, fried, wrapped in foil,  tartar  or  paté. Trout  is fit for every recipe.



Our  trout  are available  in various  sizes :

  • Portion trout, gutted head-on approx 200g
  • Fillets with or without skin from 90g to 500g
  • Large trout fillets with or without skin from 100g to 150g


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Did you know?
Rainbow trout is  the most widespread troutin Europe. Its name comes from  the rainbow color line  on the skin.



modern packaging  that meets the needs  of consumers   : 

  • no smell
  • sized portions
  • traceability of each tray


Gutted Trout

Truites -barquette


Trout fillet        

Filets -truite -barquette

Large Trout fillets

Paves -truite -barquette


Organic "Bio" large Trout fillets

Paves -bio -barquette


Organic trout = Respect the natural cycle of the fish

Aqualande  has three  organic certified farms, in the Cevennes, the  Basque Country and  La Rioja  in  Spain.


Organic Trout

Truite -bio


Large trout and trout fillets

Filets -paves -vrac



Discover the Mediterranean sea bass

Our product range  also includes  the  MEDITERRANEAN SEA BASS (Dicentrarchus labrax), raised in two  marine farms  in Salses-Le Chateau, near  Perpignan.
The sizes of our sea bass go  from 300g to  800g.

Whole  or filleted,  the sea bass can be prepared  in many ways.  But  the secret to keeping  its flavor  is  simple  cooking, barbecue, fried or baked.

Did you know?
Sea bass
is called "Loup de Mer"  in the Mediterranean  and  "Louvine" in Aquitaine.