Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture

Le groupe Aqualande, a major player in marine species

International leader of selection, reproduction and worldwide sales of fingerlings of bream, bass and meagre (corbina).


Fingerlings of bream, bass and meagre of superior quality

Performance of superior growth with a specific schedule of selection (more than 20 years of selection)

  • Growth and strength of our internationally recognized strains
  • Morphological compliance guaranteed
  • Quality and homogeneity of the batches with the precision of electronic counting/li>


1) Unique Health Quality : Passport Health FMD / LPDS

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Our hatcheries in protected disease-free certified zones. Our hatcheries are installed for over thirty years in protected areas, reserved for the farming and far from industrial centres.
Fingerlings guaranteed free of diseases: all items are tested and certified before shipment.
Internal Microbiological Laboratory health monitoring system according to HACCP standards


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Veterinary monitoring on all sites; veterinary monitoring has been conducted since 1995 and attests that our products are free of pathogens or parasites of the three species.
Specific analyzes, carried out regularly during the growing seasons by an independent laboratory by PCR or cell culture with production certificate confirm these assessments in situ
Expertise and technical advice with experts in marine cultures and internationally recognized Vets


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Bass Bream Meagre



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1) Guarantee for service of highest quality

An extensive range of species
Offer on the 3 major species (bars, sea bream, meagre) from the stage of larva to pre-grown 20g
365 days / year availability on larger production areas: Atlantic, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf.
Flexible and adapted deliveries by truck, ship or plane
A versatile sales team (technical and biological expertise) available in all countries of the zones
Complete traceability of batches delivered with certificates

 Microscope -larve Juveniles

 Control of larval rearing juveniles in a controlled environment


Livraison -camion

Shipments by truck in the Mediterranean area from the Greek islands to Madeira through the Maghreb

 Situation -privilegiee -atlantique

A privileged location for healthy rearing (Atlantic)


Selection genetique 1 Selection genetique 2

Selection : our High Tech know how

Selection of three species according to the Sysaaf certified method of selection PROSPER (INRA) optimized with genealogical selection assisted by transponders, derived lines and validation of the performance of each generation in production conditions. 

  • Control of variability with Sysaaf validation
  • Assignment of kinship by genotyping
  • Indexation tree (BLUP)
  • Control of maternal and social effects
  • Conservation of sperm by freezing in liquid nitrogen
  • Testing of our strains under real growing conditions in cages in the Mediterranean on specialized sites


Selection genetique 3 Selection genetique 4

Biometrics workshop with lines derived from bream from FMD


Our strains of bream, bass and meagre are selected to optimize production performance and quality to meet the expectations of the market :

  • Performance of weight and longitudinal growth
  • Morphologie
  • Fat content in the flesh (meager)
  • Thickness of the fillet
  • Yield after gutting and filleting
  • Conversion rate (1 to 1.1 in nursery)
  • R & D program: research Resistance to pasteurellosis in bream and nodavirose in the bass

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Responsible and sustainable aquaculture in natural environment

For more than 20 years we commit our social responsibility to the development of sustainable aquaculture.
In accordance with the Environmental Laws, our sites are listed as Classified Installations for Environmental Protection. To this end, we organize regular checks within a plan of environmental management that guarantees compliance with our waste regulations

Keen to work in a protected environment, ensuring the sustainability and success of their activity, our companies are using our technology to reprocess the lagoon effluent. These facilities also guarantee our activities a vital raw material quality: seawater
Our farms are located in protected areas (Natura 2000) and our employees are working every day in the middle of protected natural areas with preserved biodiversity.

Qualite environnementale 1 Qualite environnementale 2

We wanted to diagnose our practices in Sustainable Aquaculture through the process known as "3D approach" (Approach Sustainable Development) under the aegis Coopératives de France.

This approach aims to assume our responsibilities toward society and to include in our development the guarantee of economic performance and social and environmental responsibility.
At the end of this analysis, we decided to evaluate Social Responsibility of our company according to the standards of ISO 26000.


The working quality for our employees

Invest in r & d and develop training for all of our staff is a major focus for the sustainability of our activity

In addition to regulatory training for security, our companies provide their employees with training plans to ensure their personal progress in their careers (languages, IT, electricity...).

Implementing the HSCT commission (Health, Safety and Working Conditions) considering the risks and dangers faced by operators in the exercise of their professions, and providing appropriate action plans.

The unique Document for risk analysis is reviewed annually.
Evaluation of procedures in Global Gap mode.