Environmentally sustainable and responsible aquaculture

Aqualande : More than group - A local economic actor

Committed to the preservation of environment and concerned about support of local culture, the Aqualande Group is involved with various associations and local activities.


We aim to get involved in local social life and support initiatives that respect environment and sustainable development which are key words in our activities:


Fishing Association Mont-de-Marsan APPMA
A restocking plan is implemented on all watersheds of Les Landes. Each year, 50,000 trout - equivalent to 2 tons - are provided free of charge by our farmers to manage biodiversity and restocking of rivers. It allows satisfying the fishermen and permits to preserve the rivers actively. We also sponsor the fishing contest held every year for the traditional festivals of the Madeleine, organized by the Fishing Association APPMA Mont-de-Marsan



Festival Musicalarue
Logo -musicalarueA festival for music festival and street arts organized since 1990 in Luxey (Landes), Musicalarue is a musical celebration of a new kind: it is one of the first eco-citizen festivals in the Aquitaine. Held over three days, the festival will respect the principles of sustainable development by installing toilets, using reusable glasses and cups as well as initiating carpool by bus.



The Aqualande Group is also involved in many sports clubs:

Logo basket landes


Professional women's basketball club in Saint-Sever (Landes) playing in the Professional Basketball League


2012-10-17 005 Basket Landes Aqualande 


Union Sportive de Roquefort for women's basketball

Union Sportive de Roquefort Soccer

Rugby Club Pays de Roquefort

We also support various organizations, events and celebrations of the community of communes of Roquefort.